Day 48, 2023: Meow and Meow!

I did watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania last night. Overall, I feel vindicated for saying that most Movie Critics exist because they need to be ignored. I would definitely watch the movie again.

Today I visited some of my favorite cats. Biggie T. Cat is still recovering from the illness, and I won’t get into the details.

I’m working on an M2 MacBook Air today, testing some applications compatibility with macOS Ventura. I did not find any showstoppers.

Day 43, 2023: Red Tinted iMac Screen

Today is the unofficially-a-Holiday-in-the-United-Stares-day. Some championships game and lots of commercials on TV to discuss. Who won? You can look it up on the Internet if you’re out of the loop. Lots of food and alcohol were consumed today in front of television screens. Some kind of “half-time” entertainment that is not really performed live was also talked about. Yeah, you can look it up on the internet.

Anyway, today I noticed an iMac with red tints around the screen edges. I believe it is a 2014 iMac, and I’ll correct it later, maybe.

I can sure find a used panel as a replacement, but this iMac is not in macOS Ventura compatibility list. Sooner than later, this iMac should be retired from connecting to the internet for safety reasons.

Day 41, 2023: Weekend Assignment

I’m going to have a quite busy weekend as I will be setting up three M2 MacBooks Air for the office. I need to make sure the specialized softwares and workflows would work in macOS Ventura.

Currently we are running macOS Monterey on our production machines.

Day 40, 2023: HomePods mini follow-up.

I just had two units of Apple 35W Dual USB-C Power Adapters delivered at the office earlier today. I am going to use them with a pair of HomePods mini, and freeing two ports free on the power strip. Each 35W Dual USB-C Power Adapter will supply power to a HomePod mini and a Lighting compatible devices, such as an iPhone or AirPods.

I also have a few Power Adapter Extension Cables that I kept from previous MacBook power adapters. Apple no longer include the extension cables with MacBooks for quite some times, which they now sell separately for $19.99 USD.

I also collected these extension cables whenever someone discarding their broken power adapters.

By the way, today is a pretty warm day in February; hovering around highs 70 to low 80 °Fahrenheit. The same goes for tomorrow according to weather forecast.

Day 37, 2023: HomePod mini and Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter

I have just installed a pair of HomePods mini at the office and discovered that I would need more power outlets or a different power strip. Thanks to the prong orientation of the 20 Watts USB-C Power Adapter.

20W Apple USB-C Power adapter and it’s 96W counterpart.

I have a Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter, which I now use to power up one of the HomePods mini; no, it cannot power two HomePods mini. I use the second port for a Apple Lighting cable.

Day 32, 2023: Month Two

It is February already…

I just deleted a whole block because certain things should remain unsaid for now.

Anyway, I just finished updating my iPhone 5s to iOS 12.5.7 today. I also accidentally screwed up portion of my Music Library. I would have to restore it from my backup.

Day 30, 2023: Visiting an Apple Store

I went to an Apple Store for a Genius Bar Appointment. One M1 MacBook Air is having trouble charging the battery. We were able to replicate the issue and parts were ordered. I decided to get another set of Power Adapter and USB-C Charge Cable, to see if the issue was not caused by the internal components in the MacBook Air.

I have swapped the Power Adapter and the Charge Cable in troubleshooting the issue. Unfortunately the result was inconclusive. I’m hoping the new Power Adapter and Charge Cable would give me better ideas on what’s going on with the MacBook Air.

By the way it was raining today, again.