Day 74, 2023: Hello, iMac.

I received an M1 iMac in pink and red to work on today. Where’s the M2 iMac, Apple? Is it possible the iMac would skip M2 and go straight with M3 chip?

Day 61, 2023: Tales of a two MacBook Pros

I’m working at on two 2013 MacBooks Pro today. One has a faulty logic board and the other has a swelling battery. Both have delaminating screen. Basically there’s no need to put more money into these MacBooks Pro.

I managed to take out the SSDs and migrate them to new Macs.

Day 54, 2023: The number is “Three”

I decided to get some protective shells for the three M2 MacBook Airs. I finished setting them up 2 days ago. They will be deployed tomorrow.

By the way, it has been raining off and on all day. It feels a lot colder than the temperature thanks to the rain and wind chill.

Day 51, 2023: Hello

Why don’t anyone like Mondays? Bob Geldof anyone?

Anyway I’m working on a few new MacBooks Air and an old MacBook Pro today.

Unfortunately this MacBook Pro might have a totally depleted battery or broken internal power supply module.