Day 5, 2023

Today was one of those days, I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Sure finally we saw the sun shined bright, and thought the rain had finally stopped. Well it rained a little bit in the afternoon through the evening.

I told myself to get out of this New Year’s funk. Friends are currently far away, all over the Earth. One friend endured drone strikes and rocket attacks on daily basis; and loss of electricity.

What can the 118th United States Congress do in three day?

Well, apparently nothing yet. Since the Republican majority so far have failed to choose the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Certainly it has been unlike nothing I had ever witnessed in my lifetime. I did learn from US history, the last time US House of Representatives did not choose Speaker on the first ballot was in 1923. That’s one hundred years ago.

Regardless of who the Speaker is going to be, it will be a tumultuous two years ahead in the US politic.

We cannot predict the future. We can only make educated guesses.