Day 113, 2023: 72 Seasons Global Premiere

It was 15 minutes to 07:00 pm and I was just leaving the Post Office. A notification popped up on my phone to remind me of Metallica Global Premiere of 72 Seasons.

I checked, and there’s a cinema 12 minutes away that has a showing of the event. I walked in the theater exactly as the screening started.

The screening started with introduction from Metallica band members, which later also introduced each song. Each song is accompanied with either a music video or some kind of visualizers.

After the screening, I walk back to my cars and Steiner driving home. Shirley, after, I receive notifications from iTunes Store, that the whole 72 Seasons album is now available for my listening pleasure.

“Too Far Gone?” is one that made impression on me tonight.

Well, I’m going to a local Record Store for 72 Seasons release party tonight.