Day Three, 2023

It’s raining again today as it had been since New Year’s Eve. As a matter of fact it would be raining again for the next two days.

A lot of things were in motion today, in continuation of many events in the world. In the United States, for the first time in 100 years, there is no functioning House of Representatives.

As opposed to that, we have a speaker in this house.

An Old Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

Day Two, 2023

It’s the second day of 2023 and it has been raining all day in Southern California. As a matter of fact, it had been raining since New Year’s Eve.

Generally, it had been an uneventful for most of the day. Even though it is officially a day off, I spent a few hours at the office cleaning up and sorting out recyclables off my desk. I used a heat gun to remove shipping labels off packages, and setting aside boxes that can be reused.

Then came along Monday Night Football news that took over news cycle in the United States. Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills safety collapsed on field right after tackling Cincinnati Bengals player.

Anything else happening in the world?

What about the ongoing civil unrest in Iran?

It’s a day of calm in Lviv, Ukraine after the attacks on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Two down, three hundreds sixty-three days to go.

Day One, 2023

It was raining on New Year’s Eve as I drove home. I arrived home about two minutes to midnight. The neighborhood was west and dark. As the clock strikes midnight, I heard noises from outside my car. Suddenly people were out on the street, in the rain, cheering for the new year.

I exited my car and immediately greeted by a neighbor, handed me a cooking lid and a large spoon. Sounds of pots and pans can be heard along the new year’s cheer.

We were all somewhat dancing in the rain and wished each others well for the year to come.

We did not need a fancy party In-N-Out neighborhood, just good neighbors.

To all of you, welcome to 2023.

Back in the day, a Metallica “Snake Pit” pass didn’t cost car payment for a year.

I’m excited about Metallica upcoming tour, but my bank account disagrees. I had to earn my “Snake Pit” pass instead of throwing a bunch of money to get one.

Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Snake Pit Experience

New song, new album, and World Tour… Metallica is sure to sell out the tickets. As much as having Metallica as one of my all time favorites, I would have to choose between attending the shows in style or use the money for some luxuries such as food for the whole month or three.