Day 59, 2023: Rain and more Rain

I ended up staying late at the office today. We had a few issues with our network due to some Cat5e Ethernet cables that no longer gigabit compliant. Yes, Ethernet cables do degrade with respect to its ability to deliver the bandwidth.

It is raining heavily again and in glad I get to stay in a warm and dry office.

Heavy Rain

Day 58, 2023: Rain and Associated Pain

I had an appointment at the dentist office today. For some reasons, I’m always anxious when I’m at the dentist clinic. There’s some “pain” associated with dentist for some reasons. *cough* root canal *cough*

Me in the dentist chair, rocking a pair of Grey Atoms Shoes

Oh yes, it is raining again, really hard.

Note: just letting you know if you buy a pair of Atoms shoes through the links in this post, just like this one, you get a discount and I get a discount.

Day 56, 2023: Community Property

We went to see Steel Panther at Anaheim GardenWalk House of Blues . As we waited in line, the rain starts falling down. First it looked like a societal breakdown as the staffs made us stand in the rain. We decided to find shelter while maintaining the line. Score one for us, concertgoers.

My friends didn’t want to go through the opening bands, Tragedy (All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond) and Crobot. We didn’t get to the front of the stage because of that. We’re there only for Steel Panther.

It was amazing to see some of the same people we met at various Steel Panther shows. We all had a great time.

P.S. we get to talk to Steel Panther