Day 95, 2023: It’s reMarkable

My office just bought a few reMarkable tablets.

From day one of use, everyone seems to like this table a lot. I ok boy get the pleasure of setting them up, learning how to use them, and training my coworkers how to use them.

Nope, this is not in any way an advertisement for the product.

Day 79, 2023: Staying on Windows 10

I’m setting up a new computer at the office and we’re sticking with Windows 10 for now for many reasons. One of them is compatibility with number of softwares we’re using; some specialty softwares.

I always clean install Windows on our new computers.

Day 66, 2023: Where is the transceiver?

It is mildly infuriating to see Logitech stashed the wireless transceiver for keyboard-mouse combo in one of the cardboard packaging. Logitech should stash it where it belongs, inside the wireless mouse.

I’ve received calls from people when they couldn’t find the transceiver right out of the box.

Day 61, 2023: Tales of a two MacBook Pros

I’m working at on two 2013 MacBooks Pro today. One has a faulty logic board and the other has a swelling battery. Both have delaminating screen. Basically there’s no need to put more money into these MacBooks Pro.

I managed to take out the SSDs and migrate them to new Macs.

Day 53, 2023: Do not cover the hole

One Synology DiskStation I have at the office said that one oh the hard drive had crashed. After further troubleshooting, I could not find the issue with the hard drive itself. We mounted it in another computer, ran battery of tests; it passed the test.

I formatted the hard drive and mounted it back in the Synology DiskStation. It is possible that it was some kind of software error. I do have the content of this particular Synology DiskStation backed up on another unit.

Oh by the way, I did cover the hole!

Day 41, 2023: Weekend Assignment

I’m going to have a quite busy weekend as I will be setting up three M2 MacBooks Air for the office. I need to make sure the specialized softwares and workflows would work in macOS Ventura.

Currently we are running macOS Monterey on our production machines.

Day 40, 2023: HomePods mini follow-up.

I just had two units of Apple 35W Dual USB-C Power Adapters delivered at the office earlier today. I am going to use them with a pair of HomePods mini, and freeing two ports free on the power strip. Each 35W Dual USB-C Power Adapter will supply power to a HomePod mini and a Lighting compatible devices, such as an iPhone or AirPods.

I also have a few Power Adapter Extension Cables that I kept from previous MacBook power adapters. Apple no longer include the extension cables with MacBooks for quite some times, which they now sell separately for $19.99 USD.

I also collected these extension cables whenever someone discarding their broken power adapters.

By the way, today is a pretty warm day in February; hovering around highs 70 to low 80 °Fahrenheit. The same goes for tomorrow according to weather forecast.