Day 92, 2023: Green Tea Flavored Chocolate Candy

My friend, who is a flight attendant, brought a few snacks from here recent work-trip to Japan.

She gave me Green Tea flavored chocolate Candy and a box of Mochi.

They are great and I want more, for some reasons. I’m going to see if local Japanese markets have something similar.

Day 90, 2023: Smart Pigeon

What can I say other than it is another rainy day. I went for a visit and saw a pigeon staying dry in the back porch.

That pigeon was not the only one occupying the porch, as i panned to the right, I saw a cute dog on the table.

Day 79, 2023: Staying on Windows 10

I’m setting up a new computer at the office and we’re sticking with Windows 10 for now for many reasons. One of them is compatibility with number of softwares we’re using; some specialty softwares.

I always clean install Windows on our new computers.