Day 24, 2023: Handling it, or lack thereof…

Apparently I have this tiny wooden pallet at the office. 👆

Anyway, does anyone know how to handle Secret Documents properly?

By the way as I was writing this, one of the puppies (of all ages) had an accident in the living room. Time to clean it up.

Day 23, 2023: “Well, the Day belongs to You.”

I managed to cook soft boiled eggs to accompany home mad Ramen Noodles for dinner. Today is birthday 🥳 for someone special.

On an unrelated news: iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, watchOS 9.3, and macOS Ventura 13.2 are now available for download.

No release notes???

Day 22, 2023: Rabbit of the Year, oh wait…

Hey, it is Year of Rabbit already according to Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Meanwhile, my friend’s birthday is tomorrow. Well, since she is in a different time zone ahead of where I am, it is already her birthday. Maybe I’ll post something for Day 23.

Photo of Rabbit is courtesy of Mujie the Birdzilla.

Day 21, 2023: Final day of the Year of Big Cat

Two days ago we said goodbye to our 23 year old cat. Porkchop T. Cat peacefully crosses the rainbow bridge in her sleep.

Porkchop T. Cat

In a somewhat cat-themed related news, today is the last day of the Year of Big Cat (Year of the Tiger). By the way, Biggie T. Cat is doing a lot better. He is the one featured on this post.

The Year of Killer Rabbit (of Caerbannog) is next.

Day 20, 2023: By the Fireside

It is fairly cold tonight and I spent a good portion of the night by the fireside. It is 46 °F but it feels a lot colder outside.

It is Friday and I feel a bit underwhelmed. Bored. so I decided to cook something. The “easiest” one is a bowl of Ramen.

No it’s not that easy.

Day 19, 2023: 72 Seasons, track number 3

I was about to write an entry as I received an email from Metallica. New song from 72 Seasons is released today; track number 3: Screaming Suicide

Just like it’s preceding single, Lux Æterna, this song has that 80’s flavored Metal music.

If you preordered 72 Seasons, you should be able to download the song now.

Day 18, 2023: On the road, longer than I wanted.

Spent a lot on the road today, and got stuck on I-405 for quite a bit. Traffic was pretty bad in the evening. Then I finished setting up an M2 MacBook Air.

Still thinking about what configuration of M2 MacBook Pro I would get.

By the way, I’m interested in getting HomePod 2nd generation. I would need to get two of them for proper stereo pairing. I purchased 2 original HomePods when they were on sale. One of them stopped working a few month ago. I would have to wait until the HomePod is on sale again.