Day39, 2023: Tuning Guitar with Floyd Rose Bridge

Apparently today is a good day for me to tune my guitar. Since it is equipped with Floyd Rose bridge, it took a little bit finessing to get proper tuning. Oh, it is an EVH Wolfgang Special with D-tuna.

The hardest part to tune this guitar is making sure the D-tuna works properly, dropping from E to D on the bottom E-string.

On an unrelated news, I just signed up for account.

Day 7, 2023

Surviving the first week of 2023 from the rain, implosion at US House of Representatives, attacks on Ukraine, persecution of protesters in Iran, etc.

…and it is Saturday night. I had a late night session on Friday and continued on till morning. I spent most of the day in bed, actually sleeping.

I thought I could relax a bit today. Tomorrow I will be helping out a few people with their technology issues.

51 more weeks to go.