Day 36, 2023: Brunch at Hof’s Hut

After dinner with co-workers and a guest last night, we went for brunch at Hof’s Hut. This particular Hof’s Hut has “Rossie”, a Robot Server.

On other news, apparently today is 65th annual Grammy Awards ceremony. Still couldn’t care less about the Grammys.

Day 29, 2023: English Pub Food

It started raining when I went to a local “English Pub” to meet some friends. I ordered Chicken Tenders with chips (fries) and green peas. Apparently the green peas is the “English Pub” part in the meal according to my friend who used to work in London. Overall it was pretty good meal.

I also visited a few kittens at my friend’s house. They were spayed earlier in the week and recovering without any complications. they are currently wearing vests to prevent them from excessively licking the stitches.

Day 10, 2023: Chicken Egg Shortages

I am already aware of current outbreak of Avian Flu. This would certainly effect prices for poultry products.

I went to the store to get some chicken eggs. I saw how much a dozen chicken eggs cost and was a bit surprised. I also am aware that this is a temporary situation.