Day 38, 2023: Fueling Up

It’s just another day to get some fuel for the car. For some good reasons, fuel prices around my office about $1 USD lower than other area.

Crude oil prices have stabilized and back to early 2022 level; yet prices for gasoline and diesel fuels are not back to where they were before the price hike.

Oil companies are making more profit again.

Day 37, 2023: HomePod mini and Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter

I have just installed a pair of HomePods mini at the office and discovered that I would need more power outlets or a different power strip. Thanks to the prong orientation of the 20 Watts USB-C Power Adapter.

20W Apple USB-C Power adapter and it’s 96W counterpart.

I have a Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter, which I now use to power up one of the HomePods mini; no, it cannot power two HomePods mini. I use the second port for a Apple Lighting cable.

Day 36, 2023: Brunch at Hof’s Hut

After dinner with co-workers and a guest last night, we went for brunch at Hof’s Hut. This particular Hof’s Hut has “Rossie”, a Robot Server.

On other news, apparently today is 65th annual Grammy Awards ceremony. Still couldn’t care less about the Grammys.

Day 34, 2023: Easter already?

Target has started some Easter Merchandise in their Valentine Candy section.

Maybe Target carries those Peeps and Cadbury Eggs all year round

in local news, coyotes were spotted in my neighborhood. It is important to keep pets inside, especially those curious cats who love to roam the neighborhoods.

Day 33, 2023: Dark Materials

I recently got into “His Dark Materials” series on HBO. I have not read the books, so I don’t know much about the series. I do remember the movie adaptation, “The Golden Compass” but never actually watch it.

I’m pretty sure going to binge-watch it this weekend.

Steam Rises

Day 32, 2023: Month Two

It is February already…

I just deleted a whole block because certain things should remain unsaid for now.

Anyway, I just finished updating my iPhone 5s to iOS 12.5.7 today. I also accidentally screwed up portion of my Music Library. I would have to restore it from my backup.