Day 112, 2023: Only Dirty Fans

Today I’m working on a computer which requires a thorough cleaning. In addition to that, the computer now has 32 GB of RAM along with 1 TB SSD.

By the way, anyone remember Drobos?

I’m also working in two Drobos and they have dirty fans.

Day 79, 2023: Staying on Windows 10

I’m setting up a new computer at the office and we’re sticking with Windows 10 for now for many reasons. One of them is compatibility with number of softwares we’re using; some specialty softwares.

I always clean install Windows on our new computers.

Day 66, 2023: Where is the transceiver?

It is mildly infuriating to see Logitech stashed the wireless transceiver for keyboard-mouse combo in one of the cardboard packaging. Logitech should stash it where it belongs, inside the wireless mouse.

I’ve received calls from people when they couldn’t find the transceiver right out of the box.

Day 25, 2023: Think…

I can’t help myself but thinking that we all are being pranked right now, unfortunately it is the actual state of the world. I always thought that only smart people can be in the government. I was wrong.

I was working on a few Lenovo ThinkCentre computers today, with AMD Ryzen 7 processors.