Day 117, 2023: Compact Disc and Cassette Tapes

Seriously, who actually bought cassette tape and actually put it in a cassette player and played it? I’m sure it is the collectors in us who bought those tapes.

On the other hand, I still prefer buying CDs for artists that I really like.

Metallica: “72 Seasons” CD

Day 114, 2023: 72 Seasons

Today’s music is Metallica’s eleventh studio album ”72 Seasons”.

I received the digital copy of the album last night and had been listening to it since. At first listen, two outstanding songs that were not previously released for me are:

  • Too Far Gone?
  • Room of Mirrors

Having been a longtime Metallica fan, I am aware that each album is different from its predecessor; and yet sound familiar. It is going to take a lot of rounds of listening to digest the whole album.

By the way, if you could, pick up a copy of “72 Seasons” vinyl from an indie retailer. The copy I got comes with the album cover lithograph and a set of guitar picks.