Day 44, 2023: What Packaging?

A lot of time we have to wonder why our order is packed inefficiently. Is it because they need to ship as many orders as possible?

Oh, that is the aptly named Seven Inches of Satanic Panic vinyl by Ghost.

Ghost – Seven Inches of Satanic Panic

Day 38, 2023: Fueling Up

It’s just another day to get some fuel for the car. For some good reasons, fuel prices around my office about $1 USD lower than other area.

Crude oil prices have stabilized and back to early 2022 level; yet prices for gasoline and diesel fuels are not back to where they were before the price hike.

Oil companies are making more profit again.

Day 24, 2023: Handling it, or lack thereof…

Apparently I have this tiny wooden pallet at the office. 👆

Anyway, does anyone know how to handle Secret Documents properly?

By the way as I was writing this, one of the puppies (of all ages) had an accident in the living room. Time to clean it up.

The Return, 2022 Edition.

Here we go again!

After a few years of hiatus, we’re back at this site again. A few tweaks here and there to spruce up this place.

We thought that it is time to give this whole personal website a try again. Just in time for the downward spiral of the blue bird site. If you happen to read any of the stuff that we post here, please accept our gratitude. We certainly try to put more effort in contributing our pointless thoughts to the so called “Internet” as best we can.

Photo was taken on the first November Rain of 2022