Day 29, 2023: English Pub Food

It started raining when I went to a local “English Pub” to meet some friends. I ordered Chicken Tenders with chips (fries) and green peas. Apparently the green peas is the “English Pub” part in the meal according to my friend who used to work in London. Overall it was pretty good meal.

I also visited a few kittens at my friend’s house. They were spayed earlier in the week and recovering without any complications. they are currently wearing vests to prevent them from excessively licking the stitches.

Day 28, 2023: Cats Day

Found some photos, actual printed photos of Porkchop T. Cat from the year 2000. Pretty sure there a lot more in digital format somewhere in tons of old hard drives at the office.

Anyway, here is Tuna T. Cat, he needs to go on a diet.

Day 27, 2023: New Jersey

Last week during my daily commute, I was listening to “Hair Nation” channel on SiriusXM radio. Bon Jovi song was playing and the host mentioned how great the “New Jersey” album was. So I went to and found a sealed copy of 2014 reissue deluxe edition of the album. Well it arrived today and I took it home. Then I realized that I do not have one single optical disc player in the house. I’ll have to take the CD back to the office to add it into my digital library.

On other news, I finished updating my Apple TV and HomePod minis at home. Apparently,

HomePod and Apple TV Apple TV 4K has eARC support built in. Pair it with up to two HomePod speakers to enjoy home theater audio across all your TV -connected devices.

I’m going to try it out this weekend. I am so tempted in getting a pair of new HomePods.

Day 26, 2023: Humidity and Temperature Sensors

I finally got around to installing Apple TV and HomePod mini software updates (16.3) today. The latest update enables Humidity and Temperature Sensors in HomePod mini; which are also enabled in HomePod 2nd Generation.

Update: one HomePod mini is still installing the update. I am going to leave it running and check back tomorrow.

Day 25, 2023: Think…

I can’t help myself but thinking that we all are being pranked right now, unfortunately it is the actual state of the world. I always thought that only smart people can be in the government. I was wrong.

I was working on a few Lenovo ThinkCentre computers today, with AMD Ryzen 7 processors.

Day 24, 2023: Handling it, or lack thereof…

Apparently I have this tiny wooden pallet at the office. 👆

Anyway, does anyone know how to handle Secret Documents properly?

By the way as I was writing this, one of the puppies (of all ages) had an accident in the living room. Time to clean it up.

Day 23, 2023: “Well, the Day belongs to You.”

I managed to cook soft boiled eggs to accompany home mad Ramen Noodles for dinner. Today is birthday 🥳 for someone special.

On an unrelated news: iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, watchOS 9.3, and macOS Ventura 13.2 are now available for download.

No release notes???