Day 123, 2023: Canon 5D Mark II

An acquaintance of mine gave me a Canon 5D Mark Ii to use.

I know that it is a fairly old model of DSLR, but it is still a great camera. I’m not sure if I still have any usable Compact Flash cards.

Day 121, 2013: Warm Spring Night

Apparently it’s going to be fairly warm tonight and the next few nights. the fireplace is set, but we’re not going to light the fire.

Not to self, make sure to return the old Broadband Modem.

Yes, that’s an old Synology DS1513+ in the back.

Day 120, 2023: “Gimme Fuel…“

“Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire!” – Metallica, ReLoad, 1997

It’s one of those days when I need to get some fuels for the car. It is still too expensive while crude oil prices have reach pre-February 2022 level, I think.

Greedy Oil industry! 😡🤬

P.S. What is with today’s fake holiday?